Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Facebook page for Kelsall Catamarans Ltd


Starting a Facebook account for Kelsall Catamarans Ltd., we should start at the beginning. The 45th. anniversary of the first major Kelsall win seems appropriate. Derek Kelsall's Round Britain Race win with his first own design, the trimaran Toria was a defining moment for multihulls. Toria was the first foam sandwich yacht of note. She not only set the style for materials choice she set the style for all future racing trimarans, which have dominated offshore racing ever since. The 2000 mile, two handed race was the first open race to be won by a multihull. It was a great race – races usually are when all your competitors are behind you. The materials have since become the gold standard for all yachts. To summarize, this was a unique, designed, built, raced and won situation which also set styles for others to follow.

Kelsall design and build lead the way in 1966 and still leads today. Today, we do not hesitate to claim World leadership in boat building technique, with KSS. No designer can match the numbers and variety of designs produced by the Kelsall team. Our competitors are still behind us, by a very long mile, particularly when it comes to custom boat building technique.

The wide experience coming from a vast number of projects of all kinds, in designing, building, operating and even maintaining is the basis of all the decisions that make up a winning design. By making decisions only this way we differ from the crowd on many issues.

Fashion has an amazingly strong influence on both designs and boat building methods. We will address these issues with our detailed explanations and reasons not to follow fashion from time to time on our facebook pages.

Happy Boating.

Derek Kelsall. FRINA.