Saturday, May 2, 2009

Newly launched Kelsall Catamaran designs.

Giorgio in Peru has one more feather in his boat building cap from the launch of one of three 58 footers in build. All reports so far are positive. The rig will come from NZ, so operating on motors only for a few more weeks.

Aluminium is not our usual build material. However, the first power 43 has motored away from the S. Korean builders, GHI. Their second Kelsall is well underway - a 51 ft. sailing catamaran. Some of our KSS techniques can be applied to alloy build and we are happy to recommend this builder to any owner who has a preference for alloy. Generally speaking, we consider it more appropriate for 40ft. and upwards.

82 ft. Bonefish is on the water in Tauranga. This is the project that brought me to NZ ten years ago. There is an interesting story here for all kinds of reason. We will be telling it in instalments, starting shortly here and on our website. Watch this space.